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threw off my groove

Wow, I was on a ROLL there for awhile, posting almost every day of the work week, cross-posting to here and tumblr...and then somehow all my motivation went *poof* at the start of March.

Maybe it was because it was my birthday month. My body also decided to do some weird stuff. And work is kind of getting "real" again because we are moving towards reopening (though a lot of that drama should go away soon now that the county gave us vaccines for library staff woohoo!!!)

I've been spending a lot of my time on Discord with all the groups on there, I've four VERY active servers I belong to and we have little online game nights and what not, or just chatting. And then watching streams on YouTube and Twitch.

A few of the games I Kickstarted arrived this past week and one of them was FULL of minis and I want to paint them so I've spent a few evenings just happily priming little tiny ships. Hoping to finish a few this weekend and post the final product.

Anyway, I feel like I'm not doing the best job at keeping up with posts here, so my apologies. I might need to do a unfriending, more to remove personal guilt of feeling like I should be reading people's entries and I'm just not. It's not you, it's me kind of thing.

I'm hoping to find some kind of groove again, a pattern where I can get myself to work out, do a hobby, do a bit of blogging, gaming etc. each day of the week. Oh and reading LOL I need to read all these books I have piled by my desk!!!

Hope everyone is well! I have been reading entries here and there, sorry if I didn't comment, it just felt like I needed to catch up at this point.


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Well, I'm about a month behind on everything, it seems. October has been rough, mentally, I think. Not only did the says start to get shorter, but the election news has ramped up and it has left me feeling mentally exhausted and full of dread all the time. It's not good.

Been mostly watching silly YouTube videos and playing Wingspan/Animal Crossing (I figured out that if I do Wingspan online vs other players, I can play ACNH while they take their turns...

Anyway, I'm not sure if I will have the brain power to go back and catch up on everything. All your entries are sitting in my inbox...I haven't read a long form novel since the start of this whole thing (February?) so I guess it is no surprise that I also can't focus enough to read blog entries beyond a paragraph.

Just want to get through this week...feels like Tuesday is lurking...and I know it probably won't be over on Tuesday either...if it is a landslide, he will say it was fixed, if he wins...well, fuck. (and also, it probably was fixed then). This entry was originally posted at https://orangerful.dreamwidth.org/1366528.html. Please comment there using OpenID.
one girl // orangerful

out and about...if by "out" you mean visiting many different social media sites

I haven't been doing a great job of keeping up with posts since the library opened. I'm not sure why, we haven't been particularly busy, but perhaps that is the problem? Somehow it is exhausting to keep yourself working for 7.5 hours when there is nothing to do.

Don't get me wrong, I am glad people are staying home and those that we do see are wearing masks, dashing in for books and then leaving. We do have our three computer regulars come in, use the PCs and then leave. But otherwise it is VERY quiet. TOO quiet. Even for a library. We can't really do any programs in the branch and only one staff member seems interested in trying out online programming. The rest of my team really wants to get back out into the world and keeps thinking of ways to help those trapped on the other side of the digital divide...but there is a lot to think about that. We are waiting to hear what the schools decide to do and maybe then we can brainstorm ways to support the teachers and students.

Gave ourselves a long weekend to have some alone time while the stepdaughter was out of town with her Mom. I know we just had two months "off" with the Stay Home order but there's something about being told to stay home versus taking a little staycation.

I managed to find the Ring Fit Adventure game for Switch yesterday! I did the first workout "zone" this morning, and OMG I am worried about how I am going to feel tomorrow. I was so tired afterwards, sweating like crazy. I am really bad at squatting correctly. My goal is to try to do it most days after work, before dinner (except for Wednesdays, when I don't get home until 7:30 and will be STARVING...).

Still playing Animal Crossing because that game is crack and it taps into my need to collect ALL THE THINGS.

The news is terrifying and I have gone from just being angry and frustrated to downright scared. Especially with what is going in Portland and other cities with these Federal agents being sent in for what purpose I don't know. Talk about millions of dollars being WASTED. How about throwing that money at the schools and helping unemployed people not get evicted? Blah.

We watched the first episode of 'Cursed' and I immediately put the book on hold at the library. I remember when it came in, had a very cool cover. I'm really surprised all the copies weren't check out! Give it time. Tim wasn't into the show very much, but he said he would watch one more episode. Pilot episodes are always hard, so much to plot and explain.

Not that I have been able to find time/make time to read. I am in charge of the library book club this month and I hate book clubs because assigned reading is my krpytonite. EVEN when I am the one that picked the book!!!! But I'm trying to re-read the book as quickly as I can prior to next Tuesday. Then I will be FREE to read what I want without that looming over me and hopefully I can find something I like. Note to self, from now on, only pick graphic novels for book club. Much easier to re-read.

Did I mention that I have started playing D&D with an online group of people I met during "Stay Home" ? We've had 4 games now, I think, and I have been having a great time. Though I think what is true of dreams is probably also true of D&D sessions - no one wants to hear about them unless they are in them OR there is sex in them.

It's 10pm now so I think I will try to solve a few murders on 'Return of the Obra Dinn' and then probably try to get to bed at a decent hour since I stayed up a bit late this weekend.

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longest week

I am so behind on entries, this was a long week. Everything actually went well, but we were all anxious the whole time, waiting for things to not go well. Honestly, I'm a little suspicious of how well things went at my branch...but I think I saw most of our regulars and they were all masked up so hopefully that means they will stay that way.

My apologies for not catching up on posts this weekend like I usually do. I started to read and then Tim asked to play a game together and then there was also maybe some wine and it was a good weekend but most of the things on my "I'll do that over the weekend" list didn't happen because my brain just needed to not worry about stuff in general.

And now it is bedtime because I am exhausted even though I slept really well last night, I ended up staying up too late because the D&D session with my online group went longer than it was supposed to. But we had fun and that is what counts. :)

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friends cut coming

I feel like I might need to do a friends cut. With everything going on, I'm still not making time to read every entry on here and I feel bad about that. I recently went through my twitter and tumblr and made my following list smaller and more manageable and it has been more fun to check in there and leave.

I always feel weird posting about it, but I know some people get very upset when someone unfriends/unfollows them without any kind of warning.

If I unfriend you, it's because I feel like I'm not being a very good online friend to you if I have unfollowed you, because I'm not engaging with your posts etc. and it feels unfair.

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things I knew about myself that I forgot

Well, if this whole pandemic has taught (or retaught?) me anything, it is that I am a creature of habit to the nth degree.

There was a reason that I had perfect attendance all through elementary, middle and high school. There was a reason I never get any better at my instrument.
There was a reason I went to every single class, lecture and lab in college.

If I’m not in a work environment, I am awful at doing work.

I am the kind of person that keeps their home life and work life as separate as I can. I mean, yes, most of my friends are from work, but I never bring work home with me and I rarely let it bleed into my every day life. I’m lucky like that, it is what attracted me to my job. I work 9-5 (and once a week 1-9) and then I am done. When I go on vacation, I will look at my work email and scan it for any emergencies (now that I’m a manager) but my staff knows to text me if there is something urgent because otherwise I am not working when I’m off.

So being at home and trying to work from home has been a challenge. Especially since when the library first shut down, we were just stuck in a holding pattern, with very little we needed to do apart from updating the signage when our closing dates were extended. And now that the date is finally feeling tangible, I’m starting to panic? Because I know there are things I need to do and get done and suddenly it feels like I need to get everything done right now even though I have a month but the way April flew by, a month seems like nothing.

When I’m at work, I am more self-motivated but apparently at home, I have little to no motivation because I have programmed myself to feel like being at home means time to relax. And I really don’t want to throw that off?

I may attempt to create some kind of schedule for next week, force myself to get up, do work. Because here is the thing, I think I am most productive from 9am-11am when I’m at work but when I am at home and have nowhere to be, I naturally sleep until 10:30am so therefore, though I feel well rested, I have missed my productive hours and tend to not want to do anything. (normal workday usually has me in my office from 9-1, eating lunch from 1-2, and then usually working on the desk or mingling with staff from 2-5 so you can see how my internal clock is set up already).

Anyway, how are you all holding up? Hope you’ve had better luck finding your work-from-home groove. Or, at the very least, reading this post makes you feel less alone in your struggle. ❤

I leave you with the tweet that inspired this introspective post:

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(no subject)

Whoops! I haven't posted in ten days LOL. I did put a few things up on my Wordpress this week.


I know I just got back from a trip, but that was with my parents. This will be with friends so very different. Tim isn't coming this year because Sylvia's got her last high school choir concert and her 18th birthday is Sunday (though I am coming back Saturday so I will be home for that). So, yeah, it will just be me and our friends Mathew and Zac. Zac works at my old branch so I'm hoping to get all the details about the new manager LOL. I mean, I know her and have met her, but from a worker perspective.

Bonus, I found out the tabletop gaming YouTube channel I obsessively follow, Dicebreaker, will be at PAX! They have a panel on Friday night which is my #1 priority for two days we are going. I am hoping to at least say hello because they are all so sweet and we chat on twitter all the time.

Speaking of, I painted my OWLBEAR! It was really relaxing actually, I would love to do another miniature. I might see if there are some cheap blanks on sale at PAX and buy them. Though I'm also thinking the Firefly game Tim got my for Christmas has minis inside I could easily add a bit of color to...

Currently I am attempting to resist the TOMS sale because the Star Wars shoes that originally brought me to the site are on sale and I want them...because Star Wars...but do I need more shoes? There are 3 pair...I could just get one...of course then they charge shipping...so I might as well get two to not pay for shipping...it makes no sense. Perhaps I will see if they are still in stock this weekend and take that as a sign.

I forgot to get a Valentine's Day card for Tim but I do have some *sexy* gifts...which I actually bought for Christmas and then realized I had purchased a LOT of things so I hid them in my dresser. I got the Chocolate Fondue so I am thinking I will stop on the way home tomorrow and grab some fruits we can dip in it.

I was going to suggest curling up on the couch and watching Your Name, an anime we saw in the theaters together a few years ago and he bought it for me on blu-ray.

But now I need to get to bed! Still gotta work tomorrow and I agreed to go to a meeting in the afternoon in Annapolis which I am kind of regretting because that drive is a pain. But it will be a good learning opportunity, see how the sausage gets made when it comes to public planning.


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I won a thing!

Dicebreaker did a giveaway contest while I was on the road to Florida. All you had to do was like and share a post on Instagram so I figured what the heck! Mostly wanted to just spread the word about the lovely YouTube Channel/website.


Of course, now it is a race against time as they try to send my prize from the UK to USA before Thursday so I can participate in the live stream. They are sending me an Owlbear D&D miniature to paint "with" them on Thursday morning (well, my morning, their afternoon).

Anyway, best part was them trying to figure out how to pronounce "orangerful" and, for some strange reason, going with a hard "g" sound. You can watch the clip here (because of course I found it and tweeted it)

Did I mention I've never painted miniatures before? LOL. Just ordered myself some paints off of Amazon. Fingers crossed that the OwlBear arrives soon!

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quick update

Today was our last day at the park. We head back tomorrow morning. I think, over all, we had a good time. My Dad did pretty well, though he did get cranky as the day went on if we didn't eat.

Anyway, I have 70 updates in my inbox of LJ/DW posts. Tried to go through a few tonight but I'm starting to fade even though it is only 9pm! We walked around today in the warm sun and I am feeling it now! Feels so weird wanting to go to bed this early but I have nothing else to give!


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