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that book meme #16

16: Rant about anything book related

Two trends that I cannot stand right now in publishing:
1. Making books into comic books. Just to cash in. GUESS WHAT - Percy Jackson sold FINE in book form! They made a movie out of it! We don't need THE EXACT SAME STORY told in comic book form. I mean, if it was like the WARRIORS series where the comics were separate stories, I could deal with it, but just taking books and making them comics, with no real style, just an obvious cash-in, blah.

2. "Young Reader Editions" that are the same damn size as the adult book. Look, if you're in middle/high school and want to read 'Unbroken', just read 'Unbroken'. If you're interested in Malala, read her autobiography, not the "sanitized" version that is the "young reader's edition". Either your kid is ready for this, interested in this, or they are not.

The ABSOLUTE WORST is when they make a young reader's edition, a picture book edition and then a comic book. (okay that last one hasn't happened yet, but give it time!)

Anyone else have any book/publishing trends that are pet peeves at the moment?
And now the long wait begins again...

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Can't believe it will be another year until we find out what happens next!!! And that it is almost over! I was thinking about that first episode as I watched Dany and Sansa tonight. That first episode where I disliked them both so much and now they have come into their own and they are strong and ready to fight for what is their's. This show is not flawless, but it is pretty damn epic and the character arcs are massive and I love that kind of writing in TV. I hope that after it ends, something just as epic can come forward to take it's place.

that felt good - P!aTD concert

So, while the world was in turmoil on Friday night, I escaped into the world of very loud music.

We saw Panic! At the Disco at Jiffy Lube Live (a prime example of why corporate names are stupid, I snicker every time I say it) in Bristow, VA. The weather was perfect, warm but not too humid, and the rain waited until we were safely under the pavilion before coming down.

I had bought the tickets for Sylvia's birthday, though I'm the one who got her into Panic so I was excited about going just as much as she was LOL. I had seen Panic once before at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, but there was no way I could take her to a venue like that just yet as she is only 14 and not very tall - she would probably be crushed and lost in the crowd.

ANYWAY so a pavilion show was perfect, and I managed to get fantastic seats! Dead center, row N, I was so happy when we walked to our seats and the stage was just right there.

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness opened the show and played a great set. I think I have listened to their album on Spotify before because I recognized more than one of the songs. I really liked their sound and he was a great showman, jumping around, engaging the crowd and even running around the theater.


It was a double bill with Panic and Weezer and we weren't sure who would play next. None of us really cared about Weezer so we were happy when Panic came out second! Brendan and the band played for a solid hour+ and they rocked it hard. And there was just enough space in the seats for me to dance around.


It felt SO GOOD to just let the music take over. I love going to concerts and just dancing along. I love jumping and raising my arms with the crowd, swaying to the slow songs and rocking to the fast ones, singing at the top of my lungs. I was so sweaty and gross by the end but I did not care. It felt SO cathartic to just let go.

And I didn't even have time to get a drink LOL. So Sylvia now knows that I am a crazy person at concerts with no special substances required haha. She is still learning how to let go, I think. It was funny because I could see her out of the corner of my eye, doing whatever motions I did. It's fun to think back to the time when I didn't know how to concert. It takes me back.
Reading through my flist and seeing all your responses to the EU leaving vote...I am sorry and scared for the UK and the world. I feel like this and the fact that Trump has gotten so far are all parts of a bigger problem and I don't know how we are going to solve it.

I am, of course, insanely ignorant of the issue beyond what John Oliver can tell me. I know there is a lot going on beyond that video, two sides with many different kinds of people fighting over many different things, but the entire collection of issues are being boiled down to this one single vote.

I hope that there are some frustrated people out there who also have dreams of working in politics who will take this vote and learn from it and hopefully become better leaders than what we have today. Can that be the rainbow? The silver lining?

I hope so.

Anyway, massive *HUGS* to all of my friends in the UK.

*sigh* I just want all the rumors about Trump dropping out to be confirmed...though I'm worried all the articles talking about it will just egg him on. :(

Oh well, I am going to escape into a land of loud pop music and enjoy a night of Weezer/Panic at the Disco.


that book meme, 15!

15. Post a shelfie

I figured this should probably get it's own post. Though as I take photos, I realize how I don't really own that many books anymore and also I don't really use my bookshelves for books LOL. they are mostly about displays of books, toys, movies etc.. Also, most of my childhood books are still at my parents (don't tell Tim, he is already horrified by the boxes I bring back any time we visit my folks LOL, so many Star Wars toys to bring home with me when he is not looking...)

Anyway, see for yourself - if you dare! The photos are clickable and will take you over to flickr if you want to zoom in and be really nosy. :) I don't mind, I did the same to you!


Hope you all enjoyed my little shelfie tour. :)

that book meme, 11-14

11: What book fandom do you affiliate yourself with the most?
I'm not sure I've ever been involved in a book fandom...though I do fangirl over a lot of books, it is usually just me telling people at the library why they should pick up that book to read LOL.
But if I had to go by random stuff around my house and on my shelves, I would have to say 'Hitchhiker's Guide'. I have several editions of the books, I have the t-shirt, etc. :)

12: Tell one book story or memory (what you were wearing when you were reading something, someone saw you cry in public, you threw a book across the room and broke a window, etc.)
A few years back, I decided to pick up 'The Giver' by Lois Lowry. I had been forced to read this book in 6th grade and I didn't like it at all. But I wanted to go back because so many people referred to it as a modern classic and talked about how it was near and dear to their hearts.

So, I checked it out and I fell in love with it (12 year old me was far too self-involved to understand the message, plus I always failed at reading assigned books).

ANYWAY, I was carrying it around with me to read everywhere I went and I had to stop at Chik-Fil-A for lunch on my way to a meeting. I was reading the book while eating my sandwich and one of the employees walked by. He did a double take at the cover, stopped and said "OMG THAT IS MY FAVORITE BOOK!! IT IS SO GOOD!" and I told him I was enjoyed it and we had this nice little moment of "the power of books" and I will always remember it. <3

13: What character would be your best friend in real life?
I think Schmendrick the Magician and I would get along well LOL. We both try our best to be good friends, even if we don't always do it perfectly.

14: Favorite item of book merch
'Hitchhiker's Guide' t-shirt my Mom bought me a few years ago.
I also have a Mockingjay pin that I bought BEFORE IT WAS COOL #hipsterlibrarian. Seriously, Hot Topic was selling those things before the movie was even a thing.
Also, I have a copy of 'The Last Unicorn' that Peter Beagle autographed, then wrote a few pages of the Schmendrick story in, and this his publisher did a Unicorn doodle in the inside flap. (too bad they had a falling out recently, sorta taints the whole thing but oh well).

In non-meme news, today was our big kick off event at the library for Summer Reading! It was insanely hot outside and inside but we had fun. I'm sure we had at least 200 kids. I was in charge of the bowling station (this year's theme is sports so we had a little carnival games set up in our meeting room). The kids seem to really like it, many of them played over and over. And I had LOTS of smiling faces greet me, recognizing me from the school visits I did last week. Always nice to see them and I'm always impressed that they remember me.

I kinda want to sign up for this round of character20n20 but I'm not sure who I want to icon. Maybe I could do Rey...I need some TFA icons. OR I could do Han Solo and then I'd have 4 movies to pull from, though there are lots of other movies I love that I could pick from...thoughts?

And now I will end the post with a photo of my E.T. shelf - drunk E.T. has joined the crew!
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FINALLY (game of thrones reaction post)


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Okay, bedtime now. Hopefully I don't have crazy bloody battle dreams!

iPhone 4 case up for grabs!

Anyone here have an iPhone 4 and also like to crochet? My friends gave me a "neostitch" case back in the day and my lazy ass did nothing with it and now I have an iPhone 6 and I sold my 4 on eBay so I don't need this case.

It's a black case, I can even send you some of the string that came with it!

If you're interested, let me know, we can work out some kind of deal. Just feels like a waste to throw it away.

That book meme, 5-10

6: Public library or personal library?
This one is probably obvious LOL. I've always gone to the library since I was a teen, mostly because I liked to research my current pop culture obsessions and the only way I could get all the books was through the library. I very rarely buy a book, usually if I buy it I have already read it and just want a copy to lend to friends OR it is a collectible book in some way.

The years where I didn't go to the library regularly I didn't read very much. Now I have stacks of books on my desk all the time! Plus, since they are free, I'm more adventurous in picking up different types of books. I would be so broke if I bought every book I had on hold at the library.

7: What is the most important part of a book, in your opinion?
The binding? I mean, without that, it's just a stack of papers! Just kidding! (though that question is phrased oddly). I'd probably say the characters and their arcs. I like books where the characters change and grow in some way...which is probably why I prefer children's and teen's fiction. As I always say, in most "adult" fiction, the characters start out miserable and end up miserable.

8: Why are you reading the book you're currently reading?
I'm listening to 'Watership Down' because it was never on my radar until a few years ago...I think when it popped up on LOST as one of the books that Sawyer was reading. And then the BBC/Netflix announced a miniseries sometime next year with a fantastic cast.

I think I read a review of 'Of Better Blood' in 'School Library Journal' while looking for new books to booktalk. With everything going on in our country right now, a historical fiction novel for teens about the eugenics moment in the 1920s felt very...relevant.

Oh and all my Star Wars friends will be happy to know that 'Bloodline' finally arrived on my desk!!! I'm only 30 pages in and already SO MANY FEELS!

9: If you were to publish a book what (besides your real name) would you use for your author name?
orangerful? Or maybe I'd just use my first and middle name. Or perhaps just go with "Sam" instead of "Samantha" to keep the sexist readers guessing!

10: Do you listen to music when you read?
NOPE! If there are any other sounds, I will be distracted. Music is the worst because my brain will start singing along. Even if there are no words, my brain will try to connect the music to an image or movie so, again, distracted! This is why I mostly read in bed or when I have lunch alone.

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